Introduction & Places to Visit

Argentina is one of the richest and most developed countries in South America. Due to its size you can find a lot of different climates and landscapes. From the steppe-plains and lakes from Patagonia to the desert like areas in the North. Argentina provides something from every taste and comfort zone: the wine areas in Mendonza, the Iguazu Falls, the ruins of Quilmes, shopping in Buenos Aires, visiting the home of Che Guevara, dining in Cordoba, etc.

Safety & Security

Due to its relatively good economy it can be considered safe, although you should be careful – like in any major city on this world – when wandering around. We had a good time even though, we visited some areas, which aren’t that safe – like raiding old train stations etc. usually “homeless” people live there.
Remember usually you get a lot of hints and information if a city or area is dangerous. I spent a few weeks in Cordoba, which is safe for me, but a lot of local people told me that I visited dangerous areas. Maybe I am just lucky or someone is a bit paranoid.


Well, the buses are great, safe and cheap. Keep a 0.25 or 0.50 Pesos ready for the guy who checks the voucher for your package and puts in/out of the bus though.

Shopping, Clothes & Apparell

The Argentinians like to look good and dress well. Hence, you can find a lot of great clothing there. Also in good quality and stuff you don’t get at home. If you go on a shopping rampage be sure to check out the “Galerias” these are usually passages through appartment buildings that contain various little shops, nearly all have different brands.
From the local brands, I can highly recommend Bando Jeans, I got one pair and it is one of the best Jeans I ever bought. Insomia are also of good quality.

The Backpackers:Guide to South America

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