Bolivia – Best Pictures

I was entering Bolivia from Argentina, the first place I stayed was Tupiza. Tupiza is lovely small town surrounded by a desertlike terrain in red colors similar to Colorado (at least from the pictures). There was the first time I ever tried horse backriding. Well, just one hint, if you never rided on a horse before and your muscles aren’t highly trained I would recommend NOT to take the 6 hours tour. I didn’t knew that I can have muscle soreness in the back and that a muscle soreness can last for 3 threaking days… nevertheless it was one of the best experiences in 2007!

After Tupiza I went to Sucre were I met a real good friend. After a two weeks and some of my best Spanish classes, we moved on to Salar de Uyuni the great salt lakes.

Then our trail parted and I went to Isla del Sol at the lake titicaca, which was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever experienced.

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