Package List for Convenience and Safety

Here you can find some selected package listings for various occasions.

Pre-Flight Package List

Generally, before you fly to South/Latin America we recommend that you bring as few clothes as possible or mainly expendable ones. For several reasons: 1) clothes are of good quality over there and very cheap in comparison to western hemisphere prices. 2) You will buy a lot of souvenirs and other stuff there and you don’t want to decide which one to leave behing away.

First Aid Kit for the road and beyond

It is always good to carry around a few goods just in case you get sick or hurt yourself. This is basic list of stuff you should always have in your backpack. This stuff should give you peace of mind on the road, since it helps you surviving diarrhea during a longer trip, fixing minor injuries and prevent infections.

  • aspirin tables
  • charcoal tablet (something against diarrhea)
  • Betaisodona (or another anti-infective agent)
  • patches
  • water treatment tablets (never used them though, but if you are going to trek a lot, I would highly recommend them)

Food utilities – Cooking your own stuff

If you plan on leaving civilization for a bit, we would recommend this stuff.

  • camping stove
  • pan/pot
  • knife, fork, spoon – I recommend a set
  • plates and cups (throw away)
  • kitchen roll

Food for long overland trips

Food in South America can – sometimes – be quite dangerous, most people at home always say ‘omg Bolivia isn’t it dangerous?’ Well, on the road usually if you ask a backpacker that they answer is ‘yeah, the food can be quite dangerous ;)’. Hence, usually it is good to have a backup, in case you are hungry and you don’t like what you see. Remember not everything you can get is clean or even it is clean your body may not be accustomed to that.

  • muesli bars
  • water in bottles (try to keep always a few small ones around that you can put in your small pack or jacket)
  • cookies
  • crackers


This is a very useful post from Timothy Ferris (famous for The 4 Hour Work Week) Tim Ferris – How to Travel the World with 10 Pounds or Less

Feel free to provide your feedback or own suggestions, since we always like to learn from someone with more or different experience.

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