Photo: Cusco (Peru) – Curch at the Main Square (Plaza de Armas)

Cusco (Peru) Church at the Main Square (Plaze de Armas)

Photo: Cusco, Peru

One of the beautiful churches in Cusco, right at the Plaza de Armas (=main square; literally it means “place of weapons”). Cusco is the city from where all people head to Machu Picchu. Thus, it is very touristic. Be careful, in the first day in Cusco I was approached by more drug dealers during the day than during the whole three months in total! Despite that fact the town is pretty safe.

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2 Responses to Photo: Cusco (Peru) – Curch at the Main Square (Plaza de Armas)

  1. When I was hanging around the Plaza de Armas I was never approached by any drug dealers, but instead by many kids, who should be in school, selling various souvenirs. Aside from that, it was a very nice plaza.

  2. Bernhard says:

    it was not directly at the plaza, but it was somewhere between the plaza and the Loki hostel, which is pretty close. Also I did nearly no wandering around in Cusco, thus I couldn’t been too far off.

    No kids in my memories, I guess I was lucky with the kids and unlucky with the drugdealers. Also one taxi driver wanted to sell me some stuff.