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The South American Raccoon (Video)

Here is a short video of a coati aka the “South American Raccoon”. I usually don’t like zoos, but this one in near Tena (Ecuador) I really like. That little fella was running around there free in the guest area and we couldn’t resist to feed him.

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Dogs in South America

In South America dogs live nearly everywhere and are mostly on their own. Well, this sounds a bit dangerous, yet the dogs I have seen in South America were all very well behaved, mostly clean and really friendly. I can’t even remember one uncomfortable situation with a dog in 6 months! (Whereas in Europe, I had quite a few uncomfortable situations from dogs barking at me like crazy to other annoying things, even (or especially?) when they were with their owners.)

As you can see in the video below, I took some pictures of them and mostly from close range (I only have 4x zoom). Nevertheless, be careful, but most dogs will just ignore you or will be really cute to get some food.

I was really amazed to discover such a wide range of different dog breeds in South America, especially the number of Huskies and German Shepards.

Video: Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile

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