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From Tucuman to Salta – Exploring North Argentina by Car

While I was staying in Tucuman I planned to go to Salta by bus. Luckily, I met two french women in my hostel, who wanted to do the same, yet with a car. Hence, we teamed up, rented a red “Volkswagen” (German car) and headed north through some of the greatest landscapes I have seen so far.

The whole trip was safe, we had no troubles at all, nevertheless we always tried to put our valuable stuff in our rooms or when exploring cities or areas to keep them with us. The roads were most of the times quite safe, even the dirt roads were easy to drive. We passed various landscapes, including the desert around the ruins of Quilmes. Also we had a new “Volkswagen” , which are very durable.

Here are some of the best shots from the trip, drop me a comment or mail for feedback, questions or recommendations, thx!

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Raiding the Trains in Cordoba

we are in - taking a look at the nearby buildings

On one of my exploring trips through Cordoba I found a place with old trains, I saw and I knew “I want get in there” :) Luckily a few days later my friend Thomas visited me, before heading to his internship in Colombia. Hence, we took our new clothes, cameras and some stuff with us and headed to the “train cemetery” (later we found out that his was actually the part of an active train station…).

When we arrived there, we saw a wall before us, well it was definitely made to keep small animals out, because it was too low for us…

Moving on - Thomas leading the way
Hence, we were in :) running around the place exploring it and of course posing around. Beware, in these areas it may be common that “homeless” people live. After doing photos for a few hours, we began moving on. While walking along the rails, we realized that this wasn’t a train cemetery, it was the inactive area of a large train station. Hence, he headed towards the station platform. As we reach the platform and want to leave the station, we are approached by two policemen (note: I thought these guys were from the military, since their uniforms were green and the equipment look more army than police like). Now we learned something interesting ;) in Argentina you need a ticket to enter the platform, well since we left anyway, it was no problem at all. Thomas charme and persuasive skills were quite practical too.

Here is a video & gallery with more photos from our little adventure, enjoy! For questions and feedback drop me us comment or mail!

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Ruinas de Quilmes – Ruins of Quilmes

The ruins of Quilmes are a very interesting place, if you like to walk some rough places and take great pictures.

This place was a fortress, first against other South American Natives and later against the Spanish. The fortresses are called “pucarás” in their native language. Between the hills Quilmes inside Amaicha del Valle, Tucumán you may find a museum called “Ruinas de Quilmes” which exhibits objects from the natives and hotel.

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Cordoba – Unsafe and Abandoned Places

These are some places of Cordoba (Argentina) you probably won’t see during a tourist tour. These places include an abandoned train station and various old buildings located in different parts of the city. You can find some stories about these places in the adventures section.

Video: Cordoba, Argentina

Video: Cordoba, Argentina

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