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Bolivia – Best Pictures

I was entering Bolivia from Argentina, the first place I stayed was Tupiza. Tupiza is lovely small town surrounded by a desertlike terrain in red colors similar to Colorado (at least from the pictures). There was the first time I ever tried horse backriding. Well, just one hint, if you never rided on a horse before and your muscles aren’t highly trained I would recommend NOT to take the 6 hours tour. I didn’t knew that I can have muscle soreness in the back and that a muscle soreness can last for 3 threaking days… nevertheless it was one of the best experiences in 2007!

After Tupiza I went to Sucre were I met a real good friend. After a two weeks and some of my best Spanish classes, we moved on to Salar de Uyuni the great salt lakes.

Then our trail parted and I went to Isla del Sol at the lake titicaca, which was one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever experienced.

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Riots in Sucre 2007 – “marchas”

When I was staying in Sucre (Bolivia) in 2007, there were quite some unrest.

I took this video at the main place of Sucre, shortly afterwards a firecracker landed next to us. My ear went *beeeeep* immediately and hearing was hindered for a few days. We were quite lucky though, since the use of firecrackers and other stuff was quite common. Also the people are wearing masks in case the police uses tear gas.

Bolivian Police Sucre 2007

Bolivian Police Sucre 2007

28th August 2007, Sucre (Bolivia).
The aim of this demonstration is to move the capital of Bolivia from La Paz to Sucre. Right now, Sucre is “just” is the constitutional capital of Bolivia, whereas La Paz is the administrative capital.

Here are some of the best shots I took of the demonstrations (“marchas”).

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