Youth Hostels – Checklist: Requirements and Questions

Here is my simple checklist of the most important aspects of a youth hostel. There are requirements and questions to ask myself before choosing one.

Requirements for a youth hostel

  • Own (free) secure locker – for safety and peace of mind: credit card, camera, mp3 player, keys, money, etc.
  • Warm water
  • Staff – authentic, honest and experienced

Questions for deciding on a youth hostel

  • Location – How far is the city center? How far is the bus station?
  • Duration – How long will I stay there ideally?
  • Price – important or not? What I am willing to pay for x?
  • Mentality and offers – Do I want to relax or party? Do I want to do “canned” tours or explore on my own? With whom I wanna hang out?
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